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Understanding The Meaning Of Islam

The word Islam contains meaning in the following definition.

1) Linguistic Meaning:
First in Arabic language, it means submission and surrendering to the obedience of Allah, which means obeying to the injunctions of ruler without objection. Before the religion Islam arrived as a formal religion, the word was used for denoting the meaning without attaching any conversational context.

2) Idiomatic Meaning:
Holy Quran has described Holy Quran as the message of Prophet Muhammad (P. B. U. H). Although Islam was regarded as the theme of all the divine messages, the word was specifically chosen for denoting a particular title. The fact is that Quran transformed the word Islam from its linguistic meaning to the idiomatic meaning. Still there lies a common implication between both of the usages. It means that you are surrendering to the will of Almighty Allah and also surrendering to his with minimum objection. Therefore , the religion that Muhammad brought to humanity was known as Islam. This is used for a particular title for the message that is preached by the Seal of the Messengers and the word acquired has it certain devotional implications as well. Before this the world was unable to enjoy all these dimensions by avoiding any of the religious context except denoting the submission and obedience.

Definition of a Muslim:
The person who utter the two testimonies say ““Ashhadu an la ilaha il-lallah wa ashhadu an-an Muhammadan Rasulullah”, which means that “ I bear witness that there is no God save Allah, and I bear that Prophet Muhammad(P. B. U. H) is the last messenger of Allah, is regarded as a Muslim. Those who are born to the Muslim parents are also regarded as Muslims by birth.

1) The Faith:
This is a main and basic belief which is based on the complete rational and the intuitive convection and understanding. This degree and adherence of faith, and the Muslims who are able to attain a high degree of connection with Allah and adherence to his laws. He is the one who is known as the faithful. Therefore , a high degree than the submission as it is regarded as a true belief by the complete adherence to all the decisions of Islam that include devotions, laws, morals, systems and teachings. The Holy Quran also distinguishes between these two degrees of belief. One aspect is related with being a Muslim and the other is related with being a Mumim, the faithful. The true Islam can only be understood by reading and reciting the Holy Quran with translation. It displays a much higher degree of commitment and faith, it is also very much dependant on the intellectual ability of the believer and the psychological maturity as well.

2) Ostensible:
This is regarded as a weak and formal submission. It does not have any side effect as well, and is not considered as the integral part of practical life, it does not govern the social relations and activities. It is regarded as a superficial attachment to Islam that has no roots. The wrong perception or understanding is very dangerous to the Islamic society. It is a dangerous sign that tells about deviation and destruction as well, as this is regarded as the basic and first step on road that can lead to ignorance. If a man did not reach this stage of Islam, then there arises the gap between his ideology and practical conduct, and a great divide can occur between a person and Islam. It is also regarded as a cultural way of life.

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