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5 Symptoms of Stroke

5 Symptoms of Stroke

Stroke is a disease that can cause deathor disability in adults. Therefore, to minimize the effects or save patient lives, need to recognize the symptoms ofstroke so that medicaltreatment can be sought immediately.

To note, this is not just a stroke while attacking the elderly. Recent data known to 20 percent of stroke patients aged 55 years. While theaverage age of stroke patients 69-71 years old.

Patrick D. Lyden, MD, Chairman of Neurologyand Director of the Stroke Program atCedars-Sinai MedicalCenter, Los Angeles, California, USA, saidthere were five sudden and severe symptomsthat indicate the occurrence of stroke. Here are fivesymptoms, as quoted by ANI News, Tuesday (07/05/2013):

1. Sudden numbnessor weakness of the face, arm or leg on oneside of the body.

2. Sudden confusion, trouble speaking orunderstanding.

3. Suddenly havingtrouble viewing on one side.

4. Sudden trouble walking, heavy feeling, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.

5. Sudden severe headache with no known cause.

Well, 'signals' thatmay appear briefly and was light so it does not raise concern. But if any of the symptoms that appear suddenly and noticeablyworse, could be a symptom of stroke. Immediately contact your doctor for stroke requires immediate action to minimize disability or death. Moreover, the National Stroke Association estimates that two-thirds of stroke patients suffer from disabilities.

In some cases, thrombolytic drugs or 'clot buster' can stop a stroke. Because the drug has the ability to destroy or dissolve blood clots. This drug should be timely. Ideally given 3 hours of onset (onset) stroke. The faster granted then the result will be better to save strokepatients.

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