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Shariah Allianz Insurance Will Continue to Grow

Shariah Allianz Insurance Will Continue to Grow 

Shariah and Corporate Communication Officer of Allianz Indonesia Kiswati Soeryoko claim with the growth of Gross Premium Income in 2012 reached 38 percent, the life insurance business at Allianz Life Sharia Sharia continued to show growth from year to year.

"This is evidence that Islamic life insurance to be well received by the various layers and groups in Indonesian society," said Kiswati in Exposure Performance Allianz Life Sharia in 2012 in Penang Bistro, Jalan Kebun Sirih, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/07/2013) .

"But that case, the potential future of the insurance industry is very large so that the process of education and socialization still have to be made to promote," he added.

To continue to strengthen its commitment in developing Takaful business for the community, he said Allianz will strengthen the marketing of products through the addition of distribution partners in the banking business and also continue to increase the number of certified agents.

In addition, Allianz Life Sharia Kiswati added will also strengthen distribusu through telemarketing, which is now working with three partner banks namely BNI, BCA and Bank Muamalat.

"We believe life insurance business will develop well sharia in Indonesia because its business model is in accordance with the pattern of Indonesian society based on the principle of sharing and helping each other. Islamic life insurance customers not only obtain protection and quality financial planning for themselves and family , but also at a time of sharing and helping each other with insurance participants, "said Kiswati.

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